Demand Restraining Order Access for Sexual Assault Survivors

When our laws protecting survivors are weak, our laws protecting perpetrators are strong. Courts and police departments exist to ensure justice – and they are failing.

The Domestic/Sexual Violence Survivors Protection Act is being considered by members of the U.S. Congress and Hawaii State Legislature for introduction and passage in 2023. The bill seeks to end the unfair advantage perpetrators have in the justice system, prevent domestic & sexual violence, and grant our nation’s survivors the overdue freedom to exist without fear. It is born from the federal campaign, Restraining Orders Without Borders.

Protection must exist nationwide regardless of a survivor’s location. Protection must be a right for students, immigrants, displaced persons, sheltered survivors, and anyone who travels for work or leisure. A survivor without the right to protection is a perpetrator with the right to commit sexual violence in any state of their choosing.

We see the ramifications of unequal laws in courts, sexual assault clinics, schools, hospitals, our families, and today – on your computer screen.

Sign the petition urging your state’s lawmakers to introduce and pass the Domestic/Sexual Violence Survivors Protection Act. Yes, your signature matters. Let’s make protection borderless.


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