Recently, the term “Project 2025” has been making headlines and trending across social media platforms. But like many, you may be wondering: what exactly is Project 2025?  

Well in its own words, Project 2025 is a 920-page “Mandate for Leadership” that plans to “rescue the country from the grip of the radical left”,  meant to be implemented during the first 180 days of a new conservative administration. It outlines a vision for a conservative America , including policy proposals and recommendations for staffing key government positions. Project 2025  aims to do so through four main pillars: restoring the family as the centerpiece of American life; dismantling the administrative state; defending the nation’s sovereignty and borders; and securing God-given individual rights to live freely. 

Created by the Heritage Foundation, Project 2025 is also backed by a coalition of over 75 conservative partner organizations. These groups are coordinating efforts and providing funding for related initiatives, such as a $100,000 grant to the American Accountability Foundation for researching federal civil servants who might be in opposition to the Trump agenda.

Now that we’ve got some context, we can get into the nitty gritty of what this all actually means: 

Transforming the Federal Government 

Currently, individuals hired by government agencies are chosen for their expertise and must swear an oath to uphold the constitution above all else. However, Project 2025 proposes the reclassification of  tens of thousands of federal workers as political appointees, potentially allowing the firing of up to 50,000 government employees. This reclassification would strip federal workers of the basic protections that ensure they remain apolitical and loyal to the constitution above all. 

Project 2025 also proposes eliminating agencies like the Dept. of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency, and bringing others like the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission under direct presidential control. The Department of Justice would also be subject to direct presidential control and  structural changes, including ending FBI efforts to combat misinformation and expanding ICE detention facilities. Furthermore, DEI Initiatives (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Efforts) in education and the military would be completely eradicated.

Cutting Assistance and Protections

Aside from transforming the federal government, Project 2025 proposes significant changes in assistance and protections provided for American citizens. It aims to reduce food assistance for 21.6 million households and reduce overtime protections for 4.3 million overtime workers. Additionally, it aims to weaken social security and repeal the Affordable Care Act, removing abortion coverage from healthcare plans and defunding planned parenthood. 

Project 2025  also calls for the end of protections outlined in the Dream Act for young undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children. Financial aid would be blocked to states that allow immigrants to access in- state tuition costs. Additionally visas  would be reduced by suspending country lists for H-2A and H-2B temporary worker visas.

Anti- LGBTQ+ Policies

While various marginalized populations would be negatively impacted by Project 2025, the Trans community is at particular risk. Project 2025 specifically seeks to roll back transgender rights by terminating medicare and medicaid funding for hospitals that provide gender affirming care to Trans Youth.

One more extreme proposal equates being transgender to pornography, thus allowing educators and public librarians who “spread” the concept of being trans to be registered as sex offenders. Teachers could be charged with sex discrimination as well for affirming students gender identities. Federal agencies would also be ordered to end all programs that promote the concept of sex and gender transitions at any age. 

Were Project 2025 to be implemented, the terms “sexual orientation and gender identity” would be deleted from all federal rules. Project 2025 prioritizes families “comprised of a married mother, father, and their children” and thus seeks to eliminate federal policies that promote LGBTQ+ equality. Lastly, the  plan proposes equating legal personhood with heterosexuality and gender conformity, effectively erasing LGBTQ+ identities from legal recognition. 

Your Role in Shaping the Future: Taking Action

Whether or not you’e in favor of Project 2025, individual citizens play a crucial role in shaping the future. Here are three actionable steps you can take to prepare for the 2024 elections:

Register and Verify: Ensure your voter registration is up to date to avoid any last-minute issues on election day.

Research Candidates Thoroughly: Gain a deep understanding of the backgrounds, policies, and values of candidates running for various positions to make informed decisions aligned with your vision for the future.

Plan Your Vote: Decide how and when you’ll cast your vote—whether it’s in person, through early voting, or via mail. Stay aware of deadlines to ensure your participation in shaping the democratic process.

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