As we approach the two year anniversary of the Atlanta Spa shooting, we want to recognize how Asian women continue to face disproportionate rates of sexual harassment, race, gender and sex-based harm.

In fact 60% of all hate crimes reported to Stop AAPI Hate between March 2020-March 2022 were reported by women. A 2022 report also stated that 74% of AAPI women report experiencing discrimination, 38% report experiencing sexual harassment, and 12% report experiencing gender and/or race-based physical violence.

This ongoing violence and harassment is largely impacted by the intersectional identity of AAPI women. Asian women are historically stereotyped as docile, submissive and therefore, unable to fight back. But of course, these stereotypes are false and harmful, shattering senses of safety as Asian women.

AAPI women deserve a safe, empowering place to thrive. We have compiled a list of resources from crisis support to learning more about the history of violence against Asian women.

Crisis Support Resources

Center for the Pacific Asian Family
Center for the Pacific Asian Family (CPAF) addresses domestic violence and sexual assault in the Asian and Pacific Islander communities. CPAF offers a national 24/7 multilingual hotline, SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) in the San Gabriel Valley, emergency sheltering/transitional housing, and counseling/case management.

24/7 National Multilingual Hotline: 1-800-339-3940 


I Am WomanKind
Womankind brings critical resources and deep cultural competency to help survivors of all ages find refuge, recovery, and renewal from domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual violence. 

24-Hour National Multilingual Helpline: 1.888.888.7702



SAKHI for South Asian Women
Sakhi builds power with people experiencing abuse or violence in the New York City area, particularly survivors of South Asian descent. 

Contact (Monday-Friday, 10am-10pm) helpline at: 1 (212) 868-6741
Texting: 1 (305) 204-1809


Saheli offers non-judgmental culturally sensitive services to domestic and sexual violence survivors from South Asia and the Middle East. Saheli’s trained domestic violence advocates speak several South Asian languages and offer legal support including translation, accompanying survivors to court and police stations, and offering free family law legal clinics.

iMessage/text/WhatsApp Saheli at 1-781-999-1506


Asian Women’s Shelter

Asian Women’s Shelter (AWS) addresses the urgent and unmet needs of survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, especially those who are immigrant or refugee women, children, LGBTQ+/GNB, and/or youth. 

24-Hour Crisis Line: 1-877-751-0880


Resources to Learn About the Intersections of Race & Gender


Rise holds America’s record for being the most efficient social movement in modern U.S. history by passing 65 laws for more than 101 million survivors and counting. In addition to working to pass the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights in all 50 states, in September 2022 Rise engineered the successful adoption of a UN resolution securing access to justice for survivors worldwide, believing justice should not depend on geography. Through 2023, Rise is committed to uplifting Asian voices and speaking out on the intersection of race, gender and sexual violence. 


AAPI Women Lead
AAPI Women Lead was created based upon personal and political needs for there to be a more accurate and diverse representation of AAPI self-identified women and girls in the United States. Co-founders, Dr. Connie Wun and Jenny Wun, both experienced decades of racial and sexual harassment and violence within multiple spaces: at home, in communities, at work, and academia. AAPI Women Lead identifies and shares AAPI women-identified, women, and girls’ stories of struggle, survival and leadership. 


Asia Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence
The Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence is a national resource center on domestic violence, sexual violence, trafficking, and other forms of gender-based violence in Asian/Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. 


If you identify as an AAPI woman or femme and as a survivor, you are absolutely not alone. Let’s uplift our stories and continue the fight against race, gender and sex-based violence and harassment.
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