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2022 was a momentous year for Rise – from passing our landmark, historic UN Resolution supporting survivors of sexual assault, to hosting our second annual survivor fashion show at New York Fashion Week, to introducing our second-generation federal Survivor Bill of Rights.

We couldn’t have done any of these things without the support of our Risers across the country and the world.

Movement Snapshot

  • As of the end of 2022, the Rise movement is in 48 states, the United Nations and 9 countries: United States, Japan, Sierra Leone, Argentina, Colombia, Nigeria, Australia, India, and Korea.
  • In the United States, 32 states have Risers.
  • In the 2022 cycle, Rise has introduced model legislation in 8 States, 7 bills have been sent to Governors’ desks, and 7 bills have been signed into law: RI, LA, MD, AZ, NE, VA, KS!
  • In total, the Rise Movement, including Rise Justice Labs, has created 65 laws for 40 states (CA, MD, NE, WI, MT, NY and OK twice; VA, and WA 3 times) and 3 countries, the United States (twice) of America, Israel and Japan. These laws impact at least 104.32 million people.
  • Rise introduced our Survivor Safe Haven program in seven new regions: Fargo, Linwood, Ventnor, Boulder, Indianapolis, Urbana, and Chicago
  • Additionally, in September 2022, Rise introduced and passed a United Nations General Assembly Resolution that impacts 193+ countries which impacts at least 1.3 billion people.

Rise Justice Labs

Since 2019 Rise Justice Labs has directly trained 56 organizers and indirectly trained more than 2,000 organizers who are members of the RJL participating teams.

  • Rise Justice Labs incubated 8 teams and invested $40,000 in seed funding to launch grassroot campaigns
  • To date, 11 laws have been passed by 4 RJL teams
  • 11:11 Media Impact – 4 Laws – California, Missouri, Oregon, Utah
  • Every Voice Coalition – 5 Laws – Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Illinois
  • Zero USA – 1 Law – Colorado
  • Student Basic Needs Coalition – 1 Law – Tennessee

Team America

To date, the Team America movement has passed 58 laws in 41 states, impacting at least 104.04 million people.

  • Arizona passes SB1593 into law, impacting 2.13 million people
  • Kentucky passes HB2228 into law, impacting 592,000 people
  • Louisiana passes HB313 into law, impacting 1.3 million people
  • Maryland passes HB1323, impacting 2.07 million people
  • Nebraska passes LB 519, impacting 628,000 people
  • New York passes Senate Bill S7867A, establishing a statewide rape kit tracking system that is critical for survivors to have access to justice
  • Virginia passes SB658 into law, impacting 2.27 million people
  • Rhode Island passes S3039 into law, impacting 289,000 people

What Were You Wearing?

The outfitted mannequins represent 1.3 billion survivors around the world. Viewers can see the diversity of the outfits–in terms of age, gender, culture, and occasion. The exhibit is intended to demonstrate the pervasiveness of the crime of sexual assault, and the many different faces of the survivors among us.

Our what were you wearing? Exhibit is currently on the move! We will be exhibiting our survivor outfits at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva.

Thank you for following our journey all throughout 2022 – we cannot wait to see what we accomplish together in 2023!

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