There’s something the government might not want you to know – you have the power to write and pass your own laws. Since 2014, we’ve been hacking the government, passing a whopping 80+ laws across the country. In this post, we’re spilling the beans on how you, as an everyday person, can shape the laws that govern you and overcome the obstacles thrown by the government in what  we call “Democracy Suppression.”

We often think democracy is just about electing representatives, but there’s more to it. You, yes, you, have the ability to shape your own rights and laws. It’s a secret intentionally kept away, with schools conveniently skipping this crucial civic knowledge. (Convenient, right?)

Let’s talk about Democracy Suppression – the government’s deliberate efforts to keep you from actively participating in the legislative process. They throw obstacles your way, like False Critical Information, Preventative Filing Deadlines, Limits on Bill Introductions, and Variable Session Lengths.

  1. False Critical Information: Ever been given the wrong deadline or found outdated info on a government website? That’s False Critical Information. Miss the filing deadline, and you’re automatically out of the legislative game.
  2. Preventative Filing Deadlines: It’s not just about filing the bill; there’s a preventative filing deadline. And guess what? The chairperson can change these deadlines, making it a real maze for those trying to pass their own laws.
  3. Limits on Bill Introductions: Oh, and did I mention there are limits on how many bills you can introduce in a legislative session? Yep, another hurdle to clear.
  4. Variable Session Lengths: Legislative sessions can be as short as a month. You’ve got to introduce your bill within that time frame – talk about pressure.

To combat Democracy Suppression, we’re launching The School of Hope, a series that will help you can navigate the legislative landscape. We want to empower you with the knowledge and skills to actively engage in our democracy. Join ua on this journey to break free from misinformation and obstacles – let’s save democracy together.

Democracy is more than just voting; it’s about actively shaping the laws that govern us. We’re not just sharing information; we’re sharing our journey. The School of Hope is our guide to making a real impact on the legislative landscape. Stay tuned as we dive into the challenges of political figures and encourage you to play an active role in building a better future.

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