In the music industry, Asian American women often find themselves relegated to the sidelines, their contributions overshadowed and their voices unheard. Asian American women in music are often overlooked and underrepresented. Asian influences of music are also frequently appropriated, and the fetishization of Asian women prevails in popular music today. 

When you want to romanticize sitting on the train or masterminding your next creative project, we have our favorite AANHPI women in music to add to your listening experiences. These are for the days you want to venture beyond a tortured poets department, and into a sonic world of dreamy music to float away with. 



Audrey Nuna is a singer and rapper who creates music for those who love a bumping bass line and clever lyrics. If you’re listening to her in May 2024, you’re in luck as she’s slated to release new music including her latest single, “Starving, feat Teezo Touchdown.”



A Bay-Area raised, Vietnamese-American singer, thuy is a singer/songwriter with dreamy vocals. If you love 90s R&B, you will adore thuy. She was recently the first Vietnamese-American woman to perform at Coachella.



If you want music to motivate and electrify, with profound lyrics and storytelling, then you have to add KAYE to your playlist. A New York-based singer/songwriter, KAYE makes amazing music to sing, dance and cry to (our favorite combo).



Every time I listen to UMI, I feel myself healing. Atmospheric, breezy listening, UMI is an artist that will take you to new heights with her heartfelt lyrics and cozy acoustic vibrations. She just released her EP, “talking to the wind” and we have it on repeat.



If you are on the internet, you’ve definitely heard the iconic “My Love Mine All Mine” by MITSKI. MITSKI makes music and poetry that will break your heart, only to gently put it back together and make it beat stronger than it ever has before.


((( O ))) 

Also known as The Sundrop Garden or, June Marieezy, this Filipina-American artist creates Lofi beats and audio-visual art that will mesmerize you. She creates soundscape experiences inspired by moon cycles and nature.


We hope you’ll add these brilliant artists to your music rotation. Through celebrating and amplifying the talents of AANHPI women in music, you can take a step towards dismantling stereotypes and fostering a more inclusive and equitable musical landscape for all.

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