The global challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have not only affected our physical health but also brought to light the alarming increase in sexual and domestic violence worldwide. In response, Rise has launched the Survivor Safe Haven Program, partnering with local businesses across the United States to create vital access points for survivors. Let’s shine a light on these businesses that are making a difference and fostering healing in their communities.


1. Thistle Farms – Memphis, TN

For 25 years, Thistle Farms has been a beacon of hope for women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. This nonprofit social enterprise not only provides a safe place to live but also offers meaningful employment, creating a lifelong sisterhood of support. From home goods to essential oils, every purchase supports the journey of survivors towards healing.


2. Cassava – San Francisco, CA

Cassava, a French-Californian neighborhood bistro, is more than just a restaurant. Recognized by the James Beard Foundation, this establishment by Chef Kristoffer Toliao and Yuka Ioroi prioritizes equitable restaurant operation. Their “no-fire” kitchen and commitment to sustainability make Cassava a community-driven space that goes beyond serving delicious food.


3. Eko Kitchen – San Francisco, CA

Eko Kitchen, founded by Simileoluwa “Simi” Adebajo, brings the flavors of Nigeria to California. Simi’s dedication to her community extends beyond her culinary creations. During the COVID pandemic, she collaborated with nonprofits to address food scarcity needs, exemplifying the power of businesses to make a positive impact.


4. Eight Row – Seattle

In the heart of Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood, Eight Row blends family culinary traditions with those of recent immigrants, reflecting the diverse and tight-knit community. This establishment serves farm-inspired, pan-American food with a carefully curated selection of beverages. Their cocktails, named after tree fruit cultivars, pay homage to their family orchards.


5. Two James Distillery – Detroit, MI

More than just a distillery, Two James is a tribute to exceptional lives and a commitment to community revitalization. Located in Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, Corktown, Two James produces high-quality, environmentally conscious handmade spirits using locally sourced agricultural products. They aim to reinforce the craft product movement and leave a lasting impression on their community.


6. Kickstand Kafe – Flagstaff, AZ

As a locally owned and operated coffee shop, Kickstand Kafe is deeply involved in its community. Whether serving coffee at charity events or brainstorming new ways to give back, this establishment exemplifies the spirit of supporting and uplifting the community.


7. Odd Provisions – Washington, DC

Odd Provisions is not your average corner market. This contemporary market in Columbia Heights and Park View prioritizes exceptional customer service and features products from local farmers and artisans. From fresh produce to craft beer, Odd Provisions is a one-stop-shop that enhances the community’s shopping experience.


8. Somers Point Library – Somers Point, NJ

A proud part of the Atlantic County Library System, Somers Point Library has been recognized for two consecutive years in the Best Branch Library category. This community hub is not just a place for books; it’s a safe space where survivors can find support and resources.


9. Yoga Nine – Ventnor, NJ

Yoga Nine isn’t just a mind-body studio; it’s a community-focused space dedicated to promoting health. Through various classes taught by highly trained teachers and community outreach programs, Yoga Nine actively supports local charities and underserved communities, fostering a sense of belonging and well-being.


Supporting these businesses means supporting survivors. Let’s celebrate and uplift these establishments that go above and beyond to create safe havens for those in need. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of survivors and build stronger, more compassionate communities.

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